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2022 Family Reunion Photos

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2021 Family Reunion Photos

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2020 Family Reunion Photos

The 2020 Reunion was a big success.

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88th Annual Seidemann Family Reunion

Seidemann Farm Sign

Plans are already underway for the 88th Seidemann Family Reunion. You are very fortunate to belong to this family group with over 5,265 direct descendants. The setting is on the homestead of Traugott and his wife Sophia (Kertscher) Seidemann. Traugott is the eldest son of Friedrich and Rosina (Koch) Seidemann (Friedrich and Rosina lived on the farm to the west of Traugott & Sophia’s). Traugott purchased this farm in 1856 and married his wife 8 July 1857.  This farm is considered a Sesquicentennial Farm since 2009 (over 150 years old) and was owed by the following Seidemann’s: 

  • Traugott & Sophia (Kertscher) Seidemann 1856 to 1891, 
  • Henry & Ida (Meuschke) Seidemann 1891 to 1910,
  • Ida (Meuschke) Seidemann 1910 to 1926,
  • Ray & Clara (Gerner) Seidemann 1926 to 1980,
  • Seideman Farms, Inc. 1980 to the Present

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2019 Family Reunion Photos

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2018 Reunion Photographs

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