Family History

This is a timeline of Friedrich and Rosine Seidemann and their children. 

For more detailed information on the family history please consult The History and Family Tree of the Friedrich Seidemann Family: fourth edition – 2005

179917 October - Friedrich Seidemann born in Ottendorf, Germany. 
1 November - Friedrich Seidemann baptized.
180919 February - Marie Rosine Koch born in Lippersdorf, Germany. 
14 April - Marie Rosine Koch baptized.
18248 March - Friedrich purchased house and land from his father and mother, Gottfried and Anna (Hegner) Seidemann in Ottendorf, Germany.
182719 May - Friedrich married Marie Rosine Koch.
182829 June - Traugott, their first son, born in Ottendorf, Germany. 
1 July - baptized as Johann Traugott Seidemann.
182929 July - Friedrich bought farm in Tissa, Germany. 
12 October - Friedrich sold the farm in Ottendorf Germany.
183020 March - Christiana Seidemann, first daughter (Mrs. Fred Luft) born in Tissa Germany. 
21 March - baptized as Christiane Friedrike Seidemann.
18317 July - Christiane Caroline born in Tissa Germany. 
11 July - Christiane Caroline died.
183217 June - Friedrericka Seidemann, born in Tissa Germany (Mrs. Charles Wermuth). 
19 June - baptized Hanne Friedrike Seidemann.
183528 March - Johanna Seidemann born in Tissa Germany (Mrs. Christian Gerner). 
31 March - baptized Hanne Rosine Seidemann.
183730 November - Paulina Seidemann born in Tissa Germany (Mrs. John Gerner).
3 December - baptized Friedrike Pauline Seidemann.
184030 January - Rosina Seidemann born in Tissa Germany (Mrs. Edward Schubert). 
2 February - Marie Rosine baptized.
184128 September - Friedrich Seidemann born in Tissa Germany. 
2 October - baptized Johann Friedrich Seidemann.
184320 September - Carl Seidemann born in Tissa Germany. 
23 September - baptized Johann Karl Seidemann.
184717 May - Unnamed male born. 
17 May - Unnamed male died.
1848Traugott joins Sachsen-Altenburg Army.
185318 August - sold the farm in Tissa. 
30 August - Traugott honorably discharged from the Army. The entire family prepares for their voyage to America. 
18 November - the ship docks in New York City. 
Mid December - arrived at the Rodigast farm in the Town of Farmington, Washington County, Wisconsin.
185413 March - Traugott purchased a 20 acre farm in the Town of Farmington. 
27 June - Traugott sold his 20 acre farm to his father Friedrich.
27 June - Friedrich & Christiana (Seidemann) Luft arrived in New York City.
185614 November - Traugott purchased additional land for his father, and the farm next door for himself.
18582 February - Friedrich purchased another tract of land in Town of Trenton.
18599 April - Friedrich and Traugott help organize St. John's Lutheran Church in Newburg.
1861Civil War breaks out.
1862Abraham Lincoln issued a call for 300,000 men to serve a three-year military term.
Friedrich (Friedrich & Rosine's eighth child) enlists in 26th Regiment.
18631 and 2 May - Battle of Chancellorville, Virginia.
1 July - Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 
23 September - 26th Regiment loaded on to trains for Tennessee. 
4 October - Friedrich dies in Nashville, Tennessee. 
186824 September - Friedrich and Rosine sell the farm to their youngest son, Carl.
18841 March - Carl sells to Fred Seidemann (Traugott's son) with stipulation that he take care of his grandparents.
18881 January - Friedrich dies at the age of 89 years.
18903 January - Rosine dies at the age of 78 years.