Grover, Fred A.

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Died: 6 January 2011

Grover, Fred A. 76 years, passed away 6 January 2011. He was the husband Shirley (Ziorgen) Grover and affectionately known by his friends as “Grove” and by his grandchildren as “Grumpa”. 

Grove is survived by Shirley, his wife of 57 years; five children, Michael, Patricia Mueller, Kellie (Clay) Knowles, Sherri (Ron) Klump, and Kathy ((John) Proebsting; eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. 

Fred’s colorful obituary stated: “Always there to lend a hand, he judged projects by the number of beers required for completion. He had a passion for aviation and was secretly disappointed when his kids couldn’t name the type of plane flying overhead by its sound. He was an avid reader and knew more about World War I and World War II than any history professor could have wanted to. He was a longtime member of the NRA, not only because he enjoyed the firepower, but also because he despised commies, socialists, and bleeding heart liberals. Political correctness was not his strength.” Grumpa had a soft spot in his heart for his grandchildren, even though he would scrunch up his face when they gave him a kiss.

Fred is listed on page 92 of the 4th edition to the Seidemann Family Tree book.