Quilliam, Patrick L.

Died: 11 July 2012

Quilliam, Patrick Leo, age 73 years of North Fort Myers, Florida died on 11 July 2012

Pat was born in Manhattan, New York to Roland L and Lucille (Hogland) Quilliam.

He proudly served in the United States Army from 1956 to 1959

He spent his early years in Marquette, Michigan with his mother and lived in an orphanage for a while because his mother had MS and could not take care of him.  When he was in 6th grade he went to live with his father in New York. He worked in his father’s automotive shop where he learned to build starters and generators.

Later Pat got a job with the Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority in Nassau County, Long Island. He worked his way up to Supervisor of Maintenance.

Patrick married Elaine Louise Steele on 22 April 1995.

He is survived by his wife Elaine of 26 years, 4 brothers, nieces, nephews and many friends.  His parents preceded him in death.

Patrick is pictured in the 4th edition of the Friedrich Seidemann Family Tree Book on page 233 with his wife and her family. He is listed on page 303 with his loving wife.