Scholz, Robert A.

Robert A. Scholz, 22 year old farmer of Route 1, Fredonia, Wisconsin was killed instantly about 7:05 p.m. on Wednesday when his automobile collided with the engine of the fast-moving Milwaukee Road Chippewa Flyer No.14, at a town road crossing two miles south of the Ozaukee-Sheboygan county line.

Scholz, who was on the way to visit his girlfriend, apparently was unable to bring his 1936 Ford coupe to a stop before colliding with the oncoming train. The car was dragged and rolled 72 feet by the speeding train and the light coupe was completely demolished. The motor was thrown clear of the car, the front wheels were sheared off and the entire body was dented in. The young accident victim died instantly of multiple injuries.

The body was taken to the Jungers Funeral Home at Dacada from where he was brought to the Horn Funeral Home here on Friday afternoon. Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Saturday at St. John’s Lutheran church here, the Rev. Wilbert F. Theiss officiating at the last rites. Interment was made in Union Cemetery here.

The accident victim was born in the town of Fredonia on 26 April 1925. Survivors are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scholz Sr., and one brother, Marvin, on the homestead, his grandfather, and his fiancée, Miss Pearl Birkholz.

Robert is listed in the 4th edition of the Friedrich Seidemann Family Tree Book on page 374 with his parents Robert Sr. and Esther (Schubert) Scholz and his brother Marvin. Robert is s 5th generation descendant of Friedrich and Rosine Seidemann and his genealogy line is as follows: Friedrich, Rosina, Herman, Esther, and Robert.