Seideman, Clara S.

Died: 11 January 1989

Clara Selma (Gerner) Seideman is pictured in the 4th edition of the Seidemann Family Tree Book on page iii with her husband Raymund as we dedicated this book to them. She is also pictured on page 66 with her husband Raymund on their wedding day, on page 245 with her parents and her siblings, and on page 251 with her husband and their children. Clara is listed on page 6 as we credited Ray and Clara for their efforts in gathering information for future Seidemann Reunions. Clara & Raymund are also listed on page 33 regarding owning the Seidemann Century Farm, on page 125 to 129 where Clara is listed with her husband, their children, their grandchildren, and their great grandchildren from Raymund’s side of the family. On pages 336 to 340 Clara is listed with Raymund, their children, their grandchildren, and their great grandchildren from Clara (Gerner) Seideman side of the family. Clara is also listed on page 425 under the history of the Seidemann Family Reunion location. And on page 426 under the article about the Seidemann Family Reunions being held at their farm, and on page 427 when Ray and Clara build the large 60’ x 126’ building to store and display antiques, artifacts, and family heirlooms for the Seidemann Family Reunions. Clara is a fourth generation descendant of Friedrich and Rosine Seidemann and her genealogy line is as follows: Friedrich, Johanna, Charles, and Clara.