Seidemann, Anneliese

Died: 17 February 2010

Seidemann, Anneliese (Schmalhaus), 83 years, died 17 February 2010. She was the lovely mother of Petra (Seidemann) & Michael Matschulla. Petra emailed us a copy of her translated obituary and we thought you would like to read it as written. Anneliese attended the Seidemann Family Reunion in 1993 and enjoyed her visit to America that year.

When God saw that the way too long, 
the mountain too steeply and breathing became too heavy, 
he put his arm around her and spoke: “Come home!” 
Anneliese Seidemann 
nee Schmalhaus * 
28. May 1926 + 17 February 2010 
Sadly we say goodbye 
Petra and Michael 
Hilde and Ganter 
And more relatives 
45473 Malheim Mellinghofer Strae 166a 
Mourning house: Hustadtweg 58a, 45475 Malheim 
The funeral service is on Wednesday, 24 February 2010, at 10.00 o’clock in the new hall of the main cemetery, 
Malheim at the Ruhr, Zeppelinstraaye 
After the funeral takes place. 
From personal condolence declarations we ask to take distance. 
Instead of friendly flowers or wreaths/rings we ask for an allowance in favor to the Marien hospital Malheim at 
the Ruhr Bank BLZ 360,602 95 Konto 173 000 16 keyword Anneliese Seidemann