Seidemann, Hulda E.

Died: 21 March 1933

Hulda Eugena (Meuschke) Seidemann is pictured in the 4th edition of the Friedrich Seidemann Family Tree Book on page 33 with her husband  Frederick and holding her infant son Henry in 1870. On page 34 in 1907 she is pictured at her father in law Traugott’s 79th birthday party holding her son Erwin Seidemann. She is also pictured on page 56  with her husband Fred on their wedding day and with her husband and their children. and on page 59 in a four generation picture with her mother Olga (Wagenbreth) Meuschke, herself, her daughter Anna (Seidemann) Klahn, and her grandchild Verne (Klahn) Lindner. She is listed on page 32 with her husband who is the son of Traugott and Sophia (Kertscher) Seidemann. Hulda is listed on page 114 to 123 with her husband Fred, their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren, their great, great grandchildren, and their great, great, great grandchildren.