Seidemann, Roberta

Died: 2 September 2020

Roberta (Bobbie) Seidemann, who recently celebrated her 63rd birthday, passed away at home on 2 September 2020 from a third stroke. Bobbie was born to George and Gloria Bertagnoli on 23 August 1957 in Ironwood Michigan. She spent her early years in Pence, Wisconsin.

Bobbie’s family moved to Madison, Wisconsin when she was young, where she resided until she met Mark. Bobbie’s love of caring for children was evident at an early age, as she beat her older sister out for many babysitting jobs, who along with her other siblings, repaid her later by bugging Bobbie for free haircuts.

Bobbie walked across the street to grade school at Blessed Sacrament, and then graduated from Edgewood High School. Bobbie attended UW Stevens Point, before returning to work in Madison, Wisconsin as a beautician. She lived in Boston, Massachusetts, Walnut Creek, California, and Chicago, Illinois before settling into her home of the past 27 years in Walnut Creek, California

Bobbie married Mark on 2 June 1984 in Madison Wisconsin where they had met working in establishments next to each other on State Street

Bobbie is the proud, loving and devoted mother to her three daughters, Lauren Grace Meier, Melissa Jon Seidemann and Natalie Anne Seidemann. As much as she loved her family, she always found time in her travels to care for and comfort other children. She was a volunteer fixture at Pleasant Hill Elementary, where all three girls went to school, and was the ardent Pool Manager for many years at the local Larkey Swim Club, impacting the lives of many children and their families. She loved sharing stories about her “other” children as much as she did about her daughters.

Bobbie is survived by her husband Mark and their three daughters, Lauren and her husband James, Melissa and Natalie, as well as her siblings and their families, Gordon and Laura Bertagnoli, Tom Bertagnoli, Kim Bertagnoli and Dan Wanta, Joe Bertagnoli, Kathleen Kay and Jennifer Bertagnoli and the many families she touched during her life.

Memorial Services for Bobbie will be held later this year or in early spring.

Bobbie is listed in the 4th edition of the Friedrich Seidemann Family Tree Book on page 120 with her husband Mark and her three daughters.