Seidemann, Sophia

Died: 2 December 1899

Sophia (Kertscher) Seidemann is pictured in the 4th edition of the Friedrich Seidemann Family Tree Book on page 31 with her husband Traugott Seidemann and on page 33 in 1890 with her husband Traugott, and their children. Traugott and Sophia (Kertscher) Seidemann were the first of the Seidemann Family to own the farm where the Seidemann Reunions have been held each year. Sophia is listed on page vii as an ancestor of Book Committee members  Wayne Luft, Phyllis Naumann, and Ruby Pohland and also on page ix as ancestors of Our Family Genealogists Charles Seideman, Wayne Luft, and Phyllis Naumann. On the map on page 18 shows the location of Sophia’s birth town in Germany. Page 28 lists the descendants of Friedrich and Rosine Seidemann with Traugott as the oldest son and his wife Sophia. Page 29 tells us about Traugott and Sophia’s two deceased children being buried at the Union Cemetery in Newburg but were able to claim those gravesites as someone else had claimed them. On page 32 list the children of Traugott and Sophia. Page 83 to page 142 list the descendants of Traugott and Sophia. Page 425 tell us about the history of the site of the Seidemann Family Reunions being on their original farm although they were both deceased before the Reunion began and page 426. The 1859 plat map on page 444 shows Traugott & Sophia’s land in Section 36 and on page 445 the plat map of 1873-1874 also shows their land in Section 36.