Seideman, Walter E.

Died: 23 July 2008

Walt is pictured in the 4th edition of the Friedrich Seidemann Family Tree Book on page 68 with his wife Ruth on their wedding day, on page 251 with his parents and his siblings, and on page 253 with his first wife Cathy and their children. On page 431 he is shown  maneuvering homemade bread dough into the brick oven. Walter was our Auctioneer until his death in 2008. His son Russ told over that position in 2009. Walt is listed on pages 127and 128 with his father Ray’s side of the family and on page 338 with his mother’s side of the family.

He is a fifth generation descendant of Friedrich and Rosine Seidemann and his genealogy lines are as follows: Friedrich, Traugott, Henry, Raymund, and Walter on his father’s side and Friedrich, Johanna, Charles, Clara, and Walter on his mother’s side of the family.