Trepte, Gustav A.

Died: 7 August 1973

Gustav Adolph Trepte is pictured on page 188 with his parents Adolph Gustave Trepte, his mother Elizabeth “Elsie” Pauline Sophia ((Wermuth) Trepte, his wife; Florence, and sister; Alice. Also, with his wife Florence on their marriage day and later in life. On page 189 Gustav is pictured with his wife and their three children; Lois, Donald and his wife Dorothea, and their other son Ralph. There is another picture of their entire family. He is listed on pages 209, 210, and 211 with his wife, their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren, and their great, great grandchildren. He is a 4thgeneration descendant of Friedrich and Rosine Seidemann and his genealogy line is as follows:  Friedrich, Friedericka, Elizabeth, and Gustav.